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A well-known company called Gorilla Mind sells a variety of supplements for improving memory, concentration, and overall brain health. Gorilla Mind, a company with the goal of assisting people in realizing their full cognitive potential, has become well-liked in the bio hacking and self-improvement communities. The company’s products are made using components backed by science and intended to provide customers a competitive edge in a variety of spheres of life, such as job, school, and extracurricular activities. Gorilla Mind has rapidly become a dominant force in the non-tropical market and continues to draw attention for its cutting-edge supplements.

Information about the brand

In 2017, Derek started Gorilla Mind. He made goods for a company that sold supplements early in his career to save money for his startup.

In 2016, Derek started penning articles for his self-help organization, More Plates, More Dates, on fitness and health. Soon after, he launched his own YouTube channel to discuss the difficulties that many males encounter. Later, he established Gorilla Mind, which is currently among the top producers of dietary supplements.

Today, Gorilla Mind mostly sells dietary supplements that enhance cognitive function.  One of Gorilla Mind’s best-selling nootropic supplements, Gorilla Mind Rush, has recently attracted a lot of media attention. The item was recently taken off its website. Its safety has been questioned, as well as whether or not its use has been curtailed because of possibly dangerous components.

In this essay, the definition of Gorilla Mind Rush, its safety, and brand alternatives will be covered. Let’s now get going!

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What exactly is Gorilla Mind Rush?

Probably one of the most well-liked supplements in 2022 will be Gorilla Mind Rush. It is frequently used by both fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes to enhance performance, including memory. Derek, the owner of Gorilla Mind, developed it after conducting significant research and experimenting on his own for years.

With a combination of natural nootropics, or “smart drugs,” Gorilla Mind Rush offers all-day focus, natural, accident-free efficacy, and more. It shares a marketing strategy with pre-workout pills.

According to reports, Gorilla Mind Rush has effects that are comparable to those of Adderall and Modafinil, giving users the best of both worlds. Although Gorilla Mind Rush-related products are still available on both the Gorilla Mind and Derek’s “More Meals, Lots More Dates” websites, it appears that the item has been discontinued.

The product is no longer available for purchase, and several internet links to it are broken. As of right now, I haven’t been able to locate a piece written by Derek himself outlining the reasons why this article is no longer accessible. However, it appears that this may be the plan because of the dubious materials that the FDA has outlawed. Certain people have doubts about the safety of certain of the popular supplement’s ingredients and are sceptical about taking down the website.

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What distinguishes Gorilla Mind Smooth from Gorilla Mind Rush?

Many users reported feeling anxious and trembling while playing Gorilla Mind Rush, which some people thought to be too intense.

Although I haven’t personally experienced any of these problems, I can understand the concerns given the component profile (which is identical to Onnit’s Alpha Brain) because I experience increased irritability when using Alpha Brain.

More sober is Gorilla Mind Smooth. Gorilla Mind Smooth is like consuming more fuel more effectively and burning it more intensely, whereas Gorilla Mind Rush was like turning on turbo boosts for your neuro-processing abilities. Gorilla Mind Smooth nearly makes me hesitant to include it in the nootropics category. On the contrary, it is much more akin to a vitamin for cognitive wellbeing.

This is the best nootropic I’ve ever used without stimulants. Later that day, when I changed employment, it was a turning point, but I don’t want to toss away all night from caffeine. Gorilla Mind Smooth might be the answer if you’re sensitive to caffeine or want to take a break from it for a bit.


How can Gorilla Mind Smooth be expected to perform?

Before I begin my hard work sessions, I typically take Gorilla Mind Smooth first thing in the morning. It begins shortly after I awaken and take it on an empty stomach, so it takes around 30 minutes.

I saw the following after taking it, though your results may differ:

I feel my mind beginning to focus on the current task in 15 minutes. I also detect a minor improvement in focus. Many chemicals raise acetylcholine, which increases blood flow and concentration, thus it might just be a placebo. Therefore, it’s not likely in my head.

In an hour, my blood will have the highest concentration of each Gorillia Mind Smooth component. I’m in a good mood right now, all things considered. One of the least spoken about benefits of a nootropic drug is mood enhancement, and Gorilla Mind Rush is a fantastic mood enhancer.

I slowly revert to my original state after 6–8 hours. And by slowly, I mean. Because there is no risk of a coffee crash, the changeover is seamless. Huzeprin-A, one of the active components, also has a 10 to 14-hour half-life. This indicates that within a few hours of consumption, acetylcholine starts to have a notable stimulating impact. However, you can never feel overly worried because there are no stimulants.

These are the key advantages I have noticed since incorporating Gorilla Mind Smooth into my morning routine.

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Advantages of Using Gorilla Mind

The following are the supplement’s most astonishing advantages. I’m tremendously enthusiastic, content, and productive. To be honest, I don’t feel scared, and I’m normally upbeat, but GMS has really changed how I feel.

I would never describe it as euphoric. Instead, it requires a higher level of patience along with unwavering optimism. What I’ve experienced with other nootropics is very different from this. I’m not easy, but I had a harder time getting through Gorilla Mind Rush and Omit Alpha Brain. This is probably because MSG employs sufficient amounts of L-tyrosine and saffron extract.

Both drugs encourage the production of dopamine and serotonin. These two organic components are typically absent from nootropics, hence their addition is greatly desired. The evident GMS philosophy holds that contentment is a requirement for productivity.


In addition to not having any stimulants, MSG differs significantly from Gorilla Mind Rush in that it doesn’t have the ingredients DMAE (Powerful Acetylcholine Enhancer) and 2-aminoisoheptane, which is a potent stimulant and is thought to be a synthetic counterpart of the illegal drug ephedra. This training is hence far less rigorous than GMR.

It’s possible that you won’t get any effects from it if you often take higher stimulants or nootropics. Caffeine is such a strong stimulant, so I notice this especially when I drink a lot of it.

If you’re searching for something lighter for your system, this isn’t always a negative thing. If I wanted to have an advantage, I wouldn’t confuse it with chess, but I would use it to keep myself happy while playing.

GMS won’t make you feel like Bradley Cooper in No Limits, contrary to what you might have anticipated. The results are a lot more subdued. In contrast to other stimulant nootropics, I occasionally struggle to determine whether the effects I’m feeling are the result of a placebo or real brain stimulation. I’ve been using stimulants for a while, so I know exactly what MSG does.


In other words, Gorilla Mind is more than simply a company; it’s a way to realize your full potential if you want to up your mental and physical game. This brand distinguishes itself as a reliable partner in the fitness journey thanks to science-based formulations, great ingredients, and a robust community of believers. There is something for everyone in their broad selection of goods, which includes everything from testosterone-boosting tablets to energy beverages.

Why then wait? Take the plunge, enlist in the group, and observe the improvements it might bring about in your life. Gorilla Mind is the first step on your path to reaching your full potential. Try it out to realize your full potential.


What exactly is Gorilla Pre-Workout Mode?

A potent supplement called Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout increases exercise-related strength, stamina, and endurance. It contains potent components to improve your workout, such as nootropics and nitric oxide enhancers.

Do they provide coupons or discounts?

They occasionally give their consumers discounts and coupon codes. For the most recent deals, check out the official website or sign up for the email.

What is Gorilla Flow? What are the advantages of using it?

Gorilla Flow is a dietary supplement that supports men in maintaining normal prostate function. It can lower the risk of prostate disease, preserve hormonal equilibrium, enhance circulation, and soothe symptoms related to prostate issues such urinary tract issues.

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