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Here we discuss about the top 8 best hairstyles that hide extensions. We are all aware that nice hairstyles boost our mood and make us feel more appealing. In addition to making us appear beautiful to those around us, the right hairdo also increases our self-confidence. It’s difficult to attach it to the ideal hairdo given our figure. To make yourself precious and lovely, we must make the best decisions.

Whether we are fortunate enough to have nice hair or not, we frequently try to add length and volume to our hair—what we have called hair extensions—to make us look more attractive.  The issue, though, is that particular hairstyles can seriously hamper effective hair extensions. Therefore, we must do our best while avoiding the worst. What haircut would be best for hair extensions so that they don’t look too obvious? We will make an effort to suggest the finest hairdo that will complement your face shape—whether it is oval, round, heart-shaped, or long and square—and conceal your hair extensions.

How should your hair be styled to conceal hair extensions?

Before learning about hairstyles that conceal extensions, we advise that you carefully plan and carry out your execution to obtain a natural and seamless look.

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We’ll briefly walk you through the steps here:

Step 1: Picking the appropriate hair extension

Make sure the hair extensions you select complement the color and texture of your natural hair. We advise using human hair extensions so they can mix in naturally.

Step 2: Prepare thoroughly

Before style, make sure your natural hair and hair extensions are tidy and clean.

Step 3: Pick the appropriate hairstyle

Select hairstyles that either naturally conceal hair extensions or offer sufficient coverage to do so.

Step 4: Add Extensions

Slightly affix the hair to the natural hair once it has been divided into strands. Ensure that they are securely tucked away in your hair.

Step 5: Cover up extensions

Make natural hair and hair extensions blend together by using curling irons, irons, or other style appliances. Cover the regions where natural hair layers meet hair extensions next.

Step 6: Regular maintenance

Remember to take proper care of them if you intend to use them for a prolonged period of time.

Hairstyles that hide hair extensions


1. Braids

The very first hairstyles to hide extensions is braids. A fantastic approach to gently tuck your hair extensions in while yet retaining a natural look is to wear braids. With braids, band extensions or clips work great. You must ensure that your hair extensions are neatly tucked in and braided in order to achieve styling! Braids and perms are the ideal answer if you’re having a bad hair day, your hair isn’t cooperating, or you want to get rid of facial hair in a more elegant method than merely tying it up. Her luscious curls will dazzle everyone because the braids make the hair extensions merge seamlessly with her natural hair.

2. Half-Up Half-Down

The most adaptable hairdo is the stockings. By letting go of the hair and then drawing it over the head and away from the face, it blends two different hairdos. It’s a fantastic technique to highlight your features and draw attention to your face.

Detangle straight hair with a comb first, or use a comb to curl it to get rid of knots. Starting just above the ears, lop off the top half of the hair. Then, pull every hair in the same direction, evenly on both sides, towards the top of the head. With a piece of light hair, secure the bottom portion of the ponytail.

The simplest approach to conceal extensions is half up, half down. If you have fine hair, you can add extra volume, but it works best for hiding extensions.

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3. Messy High Bun

If you don’t want to spend time making complicated hairstyles but still want to seem charming and elegant, go for a high, sloppy bun. High filthy bows make us seem messy a lot of the time, but with the appropriate method, you may achieve this haircut effortlessly. Try our original Halo extensions to get a simple, three-dimensional appearance. To knot the bun properly, you will also need a scrunchie and hairpins in addition to these hair accessories.

To get this appearance, it is important to detangle hair and hair extensions with a comb, then tie a ponytail. Make a half-bun by wrapping your hair up in the third round. Cut the ends after wrapping the hair tape around them. To frame the face and get a contemporary and avant-garde look, remove a few strands from the front.

4. Beach Waves

When it comes to hiding extensions and achieving a stunning appearance, beach waves are a superb hairstyle that can attract you greatly.

After preparing and attaching the extensions, use curling irons or straighteners to give your natural hair and hair extensions beach waves. Use those languid, tangled waves to create structure and volume to help hair extensions and natural mixing. The waves’ irregularity also conceals the points where the extensions are joined, giving them a more covert and organic appearance.

5. Low Bun

The versatility of this swivel hairstyle allows you to wear it with any kind of extension you own. Whether you’re going on a date or spending the day at work, it’s your hairstyle.

Make a medium-sized part in your hair and pull it all back into a ponytail at the back of your head to achieve this look. To create a twisted low bun, twirl the tail with your index finger in a circular manner. Start wrapping its low tail in a circle after giving it a gentle twist.

6. Crown With Braids

This design will give you a boho and sophisticated appearance while disguising extensions! Simply separate your hair into two strands and pull it back into a deep ponytail.

Create a small French braid on each side, starting at the forehead and working your way back to the rear of the head, using sparse hair on the front of the face. Put an elastic band underneath the rest of your hair and tie your braids after you’ve reached the back of your neck.


7. Sleek Low Ponytail

For more length and volume, comb your hair back and tie our original Halo extensions. Maintain your ponytail-shaped hair tight to your neck and firmly leash it in place. Wrap your hair over the tie to conceal the clasp and wear stilettos to prevent bow ties from sticking out to give the tie a cleaner, more upscale appearance.

Using a small bit of hair oil as a styling aid will give you a more refined and attractive appearance.

8. The Headband Tuck

A headband is thought of as a superb hairstyles that hide extensions and gives your appearance a touch of class. The methods for learning this style are not too difficult.

Put a headband on your head and fasten the extensions tightly, just like with the hairstyles mentioned above. To conceal the attachment places, gather all the hairs—including extensions—and fold them beneath a headband. All that’s left to do is varnish and make any necessary adjustments to achieve a sleek, inconspicuous finish that will exquisitely highlight your extensions.


Final thought

When it comes to hairstyles that hide extensions, the options are unlimited!

These 10 styles can help you conceal your extensions while keeping them at their finest, regardless of whether you’re seeking for a quick and simple improvement or something more sophisticated. Therefore, try one of these styles the next time you’re concerned about your extensions and be confident that no one will be able to tell.


Which hairstyles are prohibited with extensions?

Hair extensions should not be worn in medium separating or heat hairstyles. These hairstyles are appropriate for hair extensions, according to experts.

How should I style my hair to sleep with extensions?

Avoiding tangling while you sleep is made simple by braiding just one strand. As soon as you let go of the scythe, you get moderate waves, which is a terrific technique to get waves without heat.

How long do hair extensions keep their style when properly cared for?

Human hair extensions will last 12 to 13 months with proper care and styling. They will only last 2-4 months if you do not spend money on high-quality things and take good care of yourself.

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